A process for Financial Progress

The KAIZEN Financial Planning Process™ is an evolutionary approach to comprehensive financial planning. Starting with the name “KAIZEN”, which is a Japanese word for constant and never ending improvement, you get a first glimpse at our core process that is truly different. Our process is designed to encompass all key areas of your financial life, simplifying the often complex aspects of wealth accumulation and preservation, over a lifetime.

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kazien chart transparent

The Building a Foundation Program™ The Securing the Future Program™ The Preserving Wealth Program™ Step 1: The Issues & Concerns Analyzer™ Step 2: The Confidential Data Gathering Package™ Step 3: Plan Presentation (part 1) Retirement Plan Investment Plan Education Plan Step 4: Plan Presentation (part 2) Insurance Plan The Wealth Protection Plan™ Tax Plan Step 5: The KAIZEN Mid-Year Review™ Step 6: The KAIZEN Full-Year Review™ Corporate Class Enhancement™