Financial Planning…

We recognize that each individual or family’s needs are unique. To meet them, we have structured our programs and services to provide complete flexibility and a wide variety of customizable options.

Comprehensive Programs

The KAIZEN Financial Planning Process™ allows you to choose the program best suited to your needs. Each program is tailored to individuals and families at a particular financial stage of life, and will allow us to customize a comprehensive plan for your financial future. Whether your aim is to construct a solid financial foundation, accelerate wealth accumulation, or preserve and protect existing or newfound wealth, the professionals at IRONSHIELD will help you define the details of your plan, and ensure that they are attended to.

Designed to help you construct a solid foundation for your future.

Designed to take your successes to the next level.

Designed to protect the accumulation of wealth or to properly manage a sudden windfall.

A program enhancement designed for the individual who is also a business owner.

à la Carte Programs

Our “à la Carte” financial plans have been designed for individuals and families who feel that a partial financial plan is all that they need at their current stage of life. Each ‘part’ is independent of all the others and is designed to accomplish specific financial goals.

A Canada Revenue Agency approved plan that allows business owners to legally share profits of the company in a more tax effective manner.

A program to help you decide the age and income at which you’ll be able to retire.

Designed to help you decide if your investment portfolio is properly diversified.

Designed to help you determine if you have enough money to pay for your child’s (or grandchild’s) post-secondary education.

A program to help you determine if you have the right amount and type of insurance.

Designed to help you preserve the value of your estate and ensure that it is passed on to your heirs as you wish.

Helps ensure that your are paying the least amount of income tax required by law.

A significant upgrade to a business owners RRSP.

A Canada Revenue Agency approved retirement planning solution for affluent professionals, business owners and corporate executives.