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John (Kalos) Kalogriopoulos, Fin.Pl.

Financial Planner

Having spent over 25 years in the financial services industry, John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients, who are successful business owners and professionals. His interest in money management began on “Black Monday”—October 9, 1987—the day stock markets around the world crashed. The following morning, he decided to skip his science classes at McGill University and visit the Montreal Stock Exchange to see “what all the fuss was about.” His interest was instantly sparked, and he started along his path toward wealth management.

John was an early adopter of the process of financial planning and was one of the first to obtain his Financial Planner designation in Quebec in 1998. After spending most of his career in the banking industry, his clients, mainly business owners, inspired him to venture out on his own and become an independent financial planner. After spending over two years working at his own firm, John was invited to team up with IRONSHIELD Financial Planning and opened the first Quebec branch in September 2017.

John believes in educating his clients and helping them understand the importance of a written financial plan before making any financial commitment. He then applies the KAIZEN Financial Planning Process TM for every client. This gives them a comprehensive yet simple to understand plan of action that he can implement. He also feels that success cannot be achieved without regular follow up and asks his clients to commit to at least two meetings every year.

John has been approached to share his knowledge and experience many times over the years, and has been heard frequently on CJAD 800 radio. He has also appeared in The Globe and Mail and Canadian Money Saver magazine and has been interviewed by and the Build Wealth Canada podcast. John also hosts his own internet radio show called Confessions of an Ex-Banker, which was named one of Canada’s best personal finance podcasts of 2017 by

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